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Facts That You Should Know about Unity Sand Rituals in a Marriage Ceremony

Unity sand ceremony has come a long way. The people who originally lived in America used this culture in their marriage ceremonies. It has now become very popular with couples as it adds glamour as the occasion becomes unique.

Unity sand ceremony happens in a marriage ceremony. People are using sand instead of candles. It is better in an outdoor setting than lighting candles as it cannot be affected by breeze. It can be done from whichever place people choose. The wedding couple fill a vase with sand particles of different colors.

It depicts how the couple have committed themselves to become one flesh soul and spirit. The colors of the sand match the color theme of the ceremony. It can be done at any time of the wedding ceremony as the couple desires. There are couple who involve children and parents in this tradition which makes it more glamorous.

It does not cost a lot despite the fact that it adds a lot of allure to the wedding ceremony. The ceremony can be personalized to fit the beliefs of the couple. This way, the occasion can remain to be memorable throughout their lives.

The pouring of sand particles shows how the bride and groom are determined to live together for a lifetime. Each person has a small vase having sand of different color from the other. The couple give each other time to pour sand into the vessel in different times. At the end the couple can choose to pour the sand the remaining sand together. Couples give reassuring words during this ceremony. You can make the unity sand ceremony by including the existing children in the exercise. There are those people who will incorporate their parents to show respect for their family history. It is good to plan on the quantity to be used. The size of the container determines the right amount of sand.

Some issues must be taken into account. The types of the vessel used is fundamental. You will need an attractive container which you will see every day as a reminder. You should have a well-shaped vessel. Use colors that can blend beautifully. The choice of color must put into perspective the color of your home.
The words exchanged by the couples matter to a great extent. The sand ceremony vows are just an extension of the main marriage vows. The words should be carefully selected as they stick in the mind. There are books that help you to know how to conduct the unity sand ceremony vows.

A well-organized sand ceremony is an enviable event which everyone should desire. Seek information from the right people about this kind of a ritual.

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