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Understanding the Roles of Foundation of Defense of Democracies

Development would be a very difficult thing to achieve when two parties are at war. For this reason, there has been an increase in the number of campaigns against terror or any activities that may lead to the destabilization of the peace of the world. When it comes to issues concerning national security and the observation of the foreign policy, one of the most prominent foundations is the foundation for defense of democracies. The foundations main goal is prevention of any acts of terror that may be carried out by a nation, a group or an individual. Some few things about the foundation have been listed below.

There are a series of things that need to be done in order to ensure that the goals of this foundation have been achieved. The awareness against terror can be created through several things and among the most common is the use of meetings and seminars. People who play an important role in the maintenance of peace such as military personnel, diplomats, and even the ordinary person are involved in these meetings. The foundation also employs other means of creating awareness such as publication of books and use of television shows. A number of things are discussed in these awareness programs.

One of the most key areas of any terrorist groups is financing. Terror groups are enabled to operate in any condition if they have sufficient financing. Exposure of the sources of funding in one way makes the donors shy off which as a result cripples the terror activities. One of the things that the foundation does is researching the sources of funds for the terrorist groups. With the research results in hand, the foundation then goes ahead and makes strategies on how to cut the sources of funding from the terror groups. Example of some of the ways of cutting funds from the terror groups include use of sanctions or preventing the financing and supporting regimes from reaching the groups either through severe surveillance or arrests.

Another thing that the foundation of defense of democracies does is informing the general public of the real occurrences of the war against terror. This is one of the big projects the foundation has embarked on after the attacks on the twin towers is reporting how the fight against the terrorist groups is going on in the target countries.

Rigorous military action was started after the attack on the twin towers which is targeted on the countries supporting terrorists as well as those they are believed to be coming from. There are very few things that the ordinary citizen will know about the field of battle. This is what prompted the reporting of these events by the foundation. This enables the citizens to understand the progress being made in the war against terror.

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